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Happy Birthday Mr. Sword

Well, happy belated birthday anyway. Mr. Sword turned 29 on Wednesday, October 12th. He and I had a nice low key dinner together on the night of his birthday, but I decided to surprise him with a family celebration today. My parents, his parents, my sister and her husband, as well as his brother and our nephew, all met downtown at a apot called Le Cafe de Paris for brunch.  It was really nice, great company and great food, you can’t beat that. Afterward we headed down to the Boise Art Museum for an exhibition called Comics at a Crossroads, which Mr. Sword has been wanting to check out. See the link to the information here

We had a great time, even though it decided to pour down rain today. Happy birthday my love!


Back…with News

I know I have been MIA, things have been super busy around here. Mr. Sword has been slammed at work (and loving every moment of his job), and I have been on the hunt to change mine. I finally got a new job, at the same company, and I start on Monday. I am really looking forward to the change and new learning opportunities.

Also, Mr. Sword and I are having a baby! We are incredibly excited, and learning as we go along. I am nearly 11 weeks, and my projected due date is May 7th (for whatever that’s worth). Another exciting twist is that me best friend and older sister Lena and her husband Kris are also expecting their first child. She is about 13 weeks along and her projected due date is April 18th. Pretty amazing! People keep asking us if we were trying. It is a strange question, because Mr. Sword and I were trying, and Sister and Goph (Kris…long story) were trying, but we weren’t “trying together”. That is just strange. Now, at one point my sister did approach me about a dream she had, that we were both pregnant at the same time. When she told me this, she herself was pregnant, although she did not know yet, and Mr. Sword and I found out 2 week later that we were as well. After she and I had the conversation, and then I found out I was expecting, I had a strange feeling that she would be pregnant as well. We waited until 8 weeks before we told anyone…well, I waited, Mr. Sword is a terrible secret keeper. He gets too excited. Of course my sister was the first person I called to tell. She sounded really awkward on the phone once I gave her the news, excited but distracted…then she said she was too. We both had our first Dr.’s appoinment one day apart from one another, unbeknownst to us. So, long story short, sister and I are eerily close and on the same page all of the time, and now our kids will be too!

Happy Anniversary!


  I can’t believe it has been three years! Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.

The Girls

Per my dearest MMH’s request, I introduce to you our girls. Hilda, Bernice and Gertrude…

I have learned that trying to photograph three actively mobile chickens is nearly impossible. So, I figured a video would do more justice…it also gives you a little taste for their quirky personalities. Yes, chickens are incredibly dumb, but they do have personalities.

Without further ado…

Bernice is the largest chicken and she is obviously in charge. She bullies the other girls around and always makes sure she eats the most scratch. She is the one in the video that you see first.  Gertie comes into the frame next, she is my favorite, she always puts up a fight, she is also the least skittish of them all. This makes me think she is the smartest, but I could be wrong. She knows I feed her, so she doesn’t freak out and run away every time she sees me (but, she would probably be the first to die if a predator came around, so I guess that doesn’t make her that smart).  Hilda is the runt, she wears grey socks. I have no idea why, but it certainly makes her the easiest to tell apart from the rest. She also has lighter colored feathers… and she gets picked on endlessly. As you can tell from the video, she has no tail feathers, as soon as we brought her home Bernice removed all of them and will not allow them to grow back. Poor thing. All three of them are New Hampshire Reds. They are very hearty and lay a medium-sized brown egg. Well, they are supposed to anyway. They have been less than productive so far but I am hoping to turn that corner soon and start making some scrambled eggs.





I thought it would be a good idea to share a few photos of our garden. A lot has changed since some of these photos were taken. At the end of spring, Mr. Sword and I removed about half of our lawn, built a fence, rented a sod cutter, removed the grass, rotatilled the hard soil and built raised beds. It has been the largest project we have taken on since buying our house last August. Here are a couple of photos of what our space looked like after removing a large portion of the sod.

Then we got it cleaned up a bit and put our raised beds down…

Then we planted…

Then I made a bench to watch things grow (a Craigslist score & recover of course)

Now, we are reaping the benefits!




I love all of our beautiful produce…and there are so many other items growing: tomatoes, beans, peas, herbs, onions, tomatillos, egg plant…oh, and don’t forget the girls! Here I am with Gertrude.

Do you have a garden? How large is it and what are your favorite things to grow?

Payette Brewing Co.

I love supporting local businesses. Mr. Sword and I try our best to do so at all times. That is one of the reasons we love Payette Brewing Company. However, today Payette Brewing absolutely STOLE my heart by doing this!

Saturday, August 20, 2011 4pm-10-pm
After the fund-raising success of the BSU/ASU Exhibition game this past weekend, Mike Francis and Payette Brewing Company have been generous enough to help in Amy Dunn’s triumph over cancer. As many of you know, Amy was recently diagnosed with stage IV Melanoma. She is currently under the expert care of the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and needs all the love, help and support we all have for her. This Saturday, 50% of all sales and 100% of all tips will be donated to Amy’s cause! So come check out the brewery, have a beer and send good vibes to Amy! Boise Fry Guyz will have their food truck parked out front, providing great grub as well! Hope to see you there!! If you can’t make it and still want to help support Amy, you can always donate to
It makes me giddy with joy! Thank you Payette Brewing Co., I heart you!
Please visit their website and support this great place


So tonight was a pretty big night. Right after work I headed out to Emmet to meet Mr. Sword and the family to watch my heart throb of a nephew at his very first rodeo. It was the first night of the rodeo, mutton’ bustin’ night. I am pretty certain he is the most adorable thing in the world. He is 4 years old and already breaking little cow girl hearts. There he is on the program, 2nd up!

He didn’t even hesitate, as soon as they announced his name he was ready and out of the shoot. What a trooper. He scored a 45 point ride. Not too shabby for a 4 year old at his VERY first rodeo. What a special night.

Are you kidding me?!?!! Is he not ridiculously handsome? Good job Grover Michael, your aunt Kristin is proud! xoxo


I have been missing in action for far too long and I am putting my foot down. Way too much has occurred since we bought our house… we built a shed, a fence, put in a huge garden, got chickens, put a new roof on the house and painted and painted and painted. It is long over do and I am going to start sharing these projects. I have made a commitment to myself, vowing to start blogging more frequently. My goal is to post at least 3-5 times per week and stop using “overly busy” as an excuse.