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Happy Birthday Mr. Sword

Well, happy belated birthday anyway. Mr. Sword turned 29 on Wednesday, October 12th. He and I had a nice low key dinner together on the night of his birthday, but I decided to surprise him with a family celebration today. My parents, his parents, my sister and her husband, as well as his brother and our nephew, all met downtown at a apot called Le Cafe de Paris for brunch.  It was really nice, great company and great food, you can’t beat that. Afterward we headed down to the Boise Art Museum for an exhibition called Comics at a Crossroads, which Mr. Sword has been wanting to check out. See the link to the information here

We had a great time, even though it decided to pour down rain today. Happy birthday my love!


Back…with News

I know I have been MIA, things have been super busy around here. Mr. Sword has been slammed at work (and loving every moment of his job), and I have been on the hunt to change mine. I finally got a new job, at the same company, and I start on Monday. I am really looking forward to the change and new learning opportunities.

Also, Mr. Sword and I are having a baby! We are incredibly excited, and learning as we go along. I am nearly 11 weeks, and my projected due date is May 7th (for whatever that’s worth). Another exciting twist is that me best friend and older sister Lena and her husband Kris are also expecting their first child. She is about 13 weeks along and her projected due date is April 18th. Pretty amazing! People keep asking us if we were trying. It is a strange question, because Mr. Sword and I were trying, and Sister and Goph (Kris…long story) were trying, but we weren’t “trying together”. That is just strange. Now, at one point my sister did approach me about a dream she had, that we were both pregnant at the same time. When she told me this, she herself was pregnant, although she did not know yet, and Mr. Sword and I found out 2 week later that we were as well. After she and I had the conversation, and then I found out I was expecting, I had a strange feeling that she would be pregnant as well. We waited until 8 weeks before we told anyone…well, I waited, Mr. Sword is a terrible secret keeper. He gets too excited. Of course my sister was the first person I called to tell. She sounded really awkward on the phone once I gave her the news, excited but distracted…then she said she was too. We both had our first Dr.’s appoinment one day apart from one another, unbeknownst to us. So, long story short, sister and I are eerily close and on the same page all of the time, and now our kids will be too!

Happy Anniversary!


  I can’t believe it has been three years! Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.


First off, I appreciate my beautiful husband everyday and continually recognize how blessed I am to be able to share my life with him, but really, who’s husband starts their wife a blog to discuss furniture you ask?! Only the sweetest husband a girl could ask for. He just makes me melt. I love you honey pot.