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I stole a few images from Desire to Inspire that make my heart swoon. I would love to have these rooms in my house, or maybe even just a tiny piece of them… like that gorgeous chaise, or that tub! So dreamy…

Just looking at these images makes me feel a little bit more relaxed. Maybe if I go to bed now I can imagine myself under these crisp white linens, waking upĀ  in the morning to that beautiful sunlight coming through my large windows while Mr. Sword runs the tub for me…maybe one day šŸ™‚


Dining Space

I love this image from Row House Nest. I think this would be prefect in our tiny little eating space. We would be working around a couple of windows, but I think we can make it cozy and sweet.

Here is another variation from ohdeedoh. This is probably more feasible for our space, given how low our windows are in the dining area. Isn’t that settee a heart throb?! I think she would really compliment Lola.


I came accross this pageĀ and love the idea of reusing and repurposing pallets. I used to do shipping and receiving for a company and was always thinking about how I could reuse all of the pallets we received. Here are some of my favorites. I think I will try one…

What do you think?

Beautiful Kitchens

The next major house project we plan to completeĀ  is a kitchen renovation. The idea is to take down the wall between the kitchen and living room to open things up. By doing this we hope to make thingsĀ  feel light, airy and clean. We have also discussed doing open shelving. We do have some space restrictions so we are constantly planningĀ  and trying to come up with the best possible layout. So in honor of planning and dreaming, I have decided to post some inspirational photos of beautiful kitchens. I am hoping I can harness some of this beauty and reflect it in our space some day soon. Enjoy!

You have probably already sensed the theme…white/light cabinets are a must for our renovation.

*Again, I do apologize, these images are all from saved files on my computer so I do not have links to the sources. If you see a photo and have information on whom I can credit, please let me know. Thanks!



Beautiful Bedrooms

These are not pictures from our home, simply pretty bedrooms to look at.

For years I have been saving images of rooms that I like, so I apologize I don’t have links to the blog(s) I saw these on. If someone runs across them and has the information for me to credit, please let me know.

Good night!

House Tour Part 1

I have decided to post a tour of our home. We are planning many renovations on our little place but, for the time being, we are simply decorating and making it comfortable for our family. I might also add that things move and change almost daily.
Our quaint place is 1,592 sq. feet, two bedrooms and one tiny bathroom. Our entire basement is unfinished and we are essentially living in half of our house at this point in time. This is our living room. Lola is my pride and joy, so of course she is front and center šŸ™‚

Here is our dining room. Your eyes are not deceiving you, not one of those chairs is the same as the other. This is one of my “near future” projects. Either four matching chairs, or a bench with a high back against the wall where that mirror is and who knows what else on the other side. I am up in the air about the decision. But, of course, money is the main contributor to not having made a decision yet. In time….

That is all for now….Part 2 of the tour will show our entry way, the other side of the living room and our bedroom.

See you then!