The Girls

Per my dearest MMH’s request, I introduce to you our girls. Hilda, Bernice and Gertrude…

I have learned that trying to photograph three actively mobile chickens is nearly impossible. So, I figured a video would do more justice…it also gives you a little taste for their quirky personalities. Yes, chickens are incredibly dumb, but they do have personalities.

Without further ado…

Bernice is the largest chicken and she is obviously in charge. She bullies the other girls around and always makes sure she eats the most scratch. She is the one in the video that you see first.  Gertie comes into the frame next, she is my favorite, she always puts up a fight, she is also the least skittish of them all. This makes me think she is the smartest, but I could be wrong. She knows I feed her, so she doesn’t freak out and run away every time she sees me (but, she would probably be the first to die if a predator came around, so I guess that doesn’t make her that smart).  Hilda is the runt, she wears grey socks. I have no idea why, but it certainly makes her the easiest to tell apart from the rest. She also has lighter colored feathers… and she gets picked on endlessly. As you can tell from the video, she has no tail feathers, as soon as we brought her home Bernice removed all of them and will not allow them to grow back. Poor thing. All three of them are New Hampshire Reds. They are very hearty and lay a medium-sized brown egg. Well, they are supposed to anyway. They have been less than productive so far but I am hoping to turn that corner soon and start making some scrambled eggs.




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