I thought it would be a good idea to share a few photos of our garden. A lot has changed since some of these photos were taken. At the end of spring, Mr. Sword and I removed about half of our lawn, built a fence, rented a sod cutter, removed the grass, rotatilled the hard soil and built raised beds. It has been the largest project we have taken on since buying our house last August. Here are a couple of photos of what our space looked like after removing a large portion of the sod.

Then we got it cleaned up a bit and put our raised beds down…

Then we planted…

Then I made a bench to watch things grow (a Craigslist score & recover of course)

Now, we are reaping the benefits!




I love all of our beautiful produce…and there are so many other items growing: tomatoes, beans, peas, herbs, onions, tomatillos, egg plant…oh, and don’t forget the girls! Here I am with Gertrude.

Do you have a garden? How large is it and what are your favorite things to grow?

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