House Tour Part 3

I should be completing our house tour on this post, however, I am not. I am going to continue to drag it out. Why you may ask? Because in order to take photographs of places in my home, I am  required to clean. Apparently I am not as on top of the whole cleaning thing as I should be. Hopefully you all will give me a break, I have a full time job, a husband, two dogs, a cat, three chickens and a bucket full of excuses. So for now, I will give you part 3 of the tour. This includes our master bedroom, our office and our itty bitty bathroom (which was nearly impossible to take a picture of). The door to our bathroom opens in so I don’t have the ability to take a photo from the hallway. I did the best I could with what I was working with, a  small bathroom, a door that opens into the space and an iPhone. Oh…and NO light. So please excuse the poor photo quality.

This second picture is of Mr. Sword’s office. This is where he spends all of his time while he is home. He is a web developer, not only as his job, but he does this as a passion and he is amazing at it. His mother and I wallpapered the far wall in a beautiful silver on gray damask. This room is somewhat of a hodge podge of items.  The floral printed chair is a wing back that was given to us by my mother-in-law. We plan on recovering it one day, but as it sits in this room, the pattern slowly grows on me for some reason. I will throw a disclaimer in there, the picture (again) does not give the room justice. I like it much better in person.

Here is our master bedroom. Our little retreat. It is a small space but it is cozy. The headboard is courtesy of a Craigslist find (score!) and the dresser is a yard sale find, only $30 (double score). I sanded it down, removed the wax that was covering all of the cool key holes, and painted it a soft dove gray. I really love the way it looks. I am always changing the bed linens, this just happens to be what is on for right now.

Here is a closer shot of our dresser/my night stand. Please disregard the ugly cords below. I guess “normal couples” have a TV mounted in the bedroom with a PlayStation 3 hooked up to it. :/ The second photo is Mr. Sword’s dresser, a thrift store find that I sanded down and repainted white. I also put some Anthropologie knobs on it, they are a pretty jade color with white butterflies.

I hope you enjoyed….

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