House Tour Part 2

Here is the second phase of our house tour as promised. The first photo is of our entry way, on the wall are framed photographs that my grandmother gave to me for Christmas in 2009. She organized them and framed them with some help from my uncle. I have the best grandma in the world! The gift brought me to tears, which in turn brought my mother and sister to tears of course. They are all family photos, and I adore all of them, but one of my favorites is a photograph of my great grandfather leaning up against a 1914 Harley Davidson. It’s one of those epic photographs that everyone dreams they will have of themselves one day.

Here is a closer shot of my great grandpa. It feels good knowing my family was so cool. 😉

The next picture is of our hallway, I call it a hallway simply because it is what connects our living area to our 2 bedrooms and our bathroom. It can hardly classify as a hallway it is so small. It sure makes for a hard spot to photograph, especially with a mirror hanging on the wall.

I love the color of the hallway, I just painted it on Sunday. It is Martha Stewart Fig (MSL181).Mr. Sword likes dark colored walls, so I have been trying to incorporate that into our home.

That is all for tonight! I will finish the tour with the master bedroom and our office as well as our kitchen (reluctantly) and the “mudroom” off the kitchen. Since our entire basement is unfinished, I don’t think I will be posting those photos. Not until I can post before and after photos that is. I am just not ready to share with the world the state it is currently in (yuck!).

P.s. here is  that wonderful grandma I was telling you about. She is simply the best!

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